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Something to be Proud Of

September 4, 2012

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro

Okay, I know this post is totally off-theme for this blog, but I want to say this anyway.

My native state of Texas hasn’t given me much to be proud of for quite a long time, but tonight it did.  I just watched San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro give the keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention, and it blew me away.   It had me both fist-pumping and wiping tears away.  It was inspiring!  This guy is a star!

What was so striking to me was when the cameras panned around the crowd and showed us what America really looks like today.  What a contrast to the collection of mean-spirited haters and liars that gathered in Tampa last week.  And what a rebuke.

Julian Castro got the bases loaded, and then Michelle Obama knocked one out of the park.  The Democrats are off to a great start.  Hope they can keep the momentum building.

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