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March on January 21, Everywhere!

January 11, 2017


If you don’t like what Trump and the Republicans are doing to this country, it’s not enough just to kvetch on social media.  We need to mobilize to show how deep and wide the the rejection of the Trump/Republican agenda is.

The Women’s March on Washington happening on the day after the inauguration is a perfect opportunity to do that. It’s not only in Washington,  AND IT IS NOT JUST FOR WOMEN!  Come on, men!  Get out there too!  It’s on a Saturday!  No excuses!

Obviously, not everyone can make it to DC for the rally on the Mall.  But there are scores of simultaneous marches being organized all over the country (and, indeed, in other countries too).

To find information about a demonstration near where you live, go to this website here.

If you are in South Florida, there will be a march in downtown Miami in Bayfront Park starting at 1:00 pm on January 21.  There is also a march being organized in West Palm Beach.

See you there!

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