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Farewell, My President

January 20, 2017


I’m taking a day to reflect on where we are as a country and, most of all, what we are losing as President Barack Obama comes to the end of his term.

When Obama took office eight years ago, the country was in its worst crisis since the great depression. The expectations placed on his shoulders were impossible for anyone to achieve.  Like most people, I have occasionally had my hopes disappointed because his administration could not do everything I wanted to happen.  But–against the most implacable and vicious opposition–he was able to accomplish extraordinary things.

Through it all, he has shown the most remarkable intelligence, patience, resolve, compassion, and dignity.  This man is pure class.  And his family has made the country proud.

Now we are in a crisis of a different sort, and I’m clearly not alone in my fears that we are entering a period when our democratic  and social institutions are threatened in ways that are not yet clear.

But today, I want to give homage to Barack Hussein Obama.  He has done us proud, and I am immeasurably grateful. This is the image of him that I will carry for the rest of my days.

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