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Scaring White People at the RNC

August 27, 2020


Because that’s the entire platform of the Trump Party: SCARE WHITE PEOPLE.
How do you do that? Well, there’s socialism, religion, guns, and best of all: black and brown people!
Trump desperately needs rioting in the streets for his Nixon-on-steroids law-and-order strategy to work. Thanks to the police in Kenosha, Wisconsin, prayers have been answered.
They’ve been laying the groundwork for four years: overt encouragement for white nationalist nutjobs to arm themselves, pandering to them as the “real patriotic Americans” and unofficial auxiliaries to the police. They’ve been fanning fear with the phantom threats of crime and “Democrats taking away your guns”, and sure enough, the Home of the Brave has responded by going on a buying spree for guns and ammo.
Add to that the near certainty that there will be at least a couple more police or vigilante shootings of unarmed black men before November 3. But maybe Kenosha alone will be enough. We’ve already got black Americans and their white supporters in the streets enraged because yet another black man was shot by a cop for absolutely no reason, and we have armed white vigilantes openly packing guns showing up, while the police are more than fine with it. And then one of those vigilantes fires into a crowd, killing two and wounding a third person. And the police let him get away.
And what do we hear from the Trump Convention? Full-on support for the police, and the “law and order” mantra. Anything for the victims? You gotta be joking. Naw, they just put that crazyass, gun-waving white couple from St. Louis on national TV!
Black people have been dealing with this over and over and over again forever, and they have every reason to be fed up. We all should be. We are told that violence isn’t the answer, just let the justice system work. The real message is: just suck it up.
But the justice system fails time and again, and nothing really changes. Police still kill unarmed black men with impunity, while white vigilantes prance around in camo with AR-15s anywhere they like, and the police give them a wink and do nothing. The Trumpistas have no interest in dealing with police violence, because it works for them.
So the Republican Party does its convention happy dance, because pouring gasoline on this flame is how they think they can win in November.
They might be right.
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